Our friendly mechanics can handle all factory scheduled auto maintenance services!

No matter what year, make or model your automobile is, it still requires factory scheduled maintenance services from time to time. When it is time for your car’s next factory maintenance, avoid the impersonal dealership and bring your vehicle straight to "MV Transmission and Auto Repair"! Our friendly, expert mechanics are ASE Certified and ready to keep your car running right.

Why does my car need factory maintenance services?

Automobiles are very high-tech machines with many moving parts. We rely on our vehicles day in and day out to get us where we need to go, and this continuous use does eventually wear out the auto parts. Different parts wear out at different rates, so vehicle manufacturers came up with a factory recommended vehicle maintenance schedule to keep your automobile running smoothly and safely. This auto service schedule, intervals and repairs vary from car to car, so it is important to find an auto repair shop that can handle the work for your specific vehicle.

Do I have to follow the factory maintenance schedule?

The factory maintenance service schedule is designed to replace different auto parts at the mileages that they usually become worn out. Keeping up with your preventative auto maintenance services reduces the risk that your car will break down on the side of the road one day. Keeping up with your car’s factory maintenance also saves you money. For example, getting regular oil changes is a lot cheaper than having to pay for a burnt out engine (which is what happens if you never change your oil)! It is a good idea to follow this maintenance schedule for your safety and your wallet.

Will getting my auto maintenance services done at your local auto repair shop void my warranty?

A concern of some drivers who have recently purchased a new car is that their warranty will be invalid if they get their factory scheduled maintenance services performed at a local auto repair shop instead of the dealership. This is NOT true. The Magnusen-Moss Act of 1975 is a Federal Law that prohibits new car dealers from denying Warranty Service because routine maintenance services were performed at an independent auto repair facility.

So whether you need a minor oil change or tire rotation, or if you need a more major 30,000, 60,000, or 90,000 mile factory maintenance service in South Orange County, simply stop by, call or easily schedule an appointment online. At "MV Transmission and Auto Repair", we always take complete care of both you and your vehicle!