• Does your car have a blown head gasket?
  • Is there smoke coming out of your car’s tailpipe?
  • Is there water in your car’s oil?
  • Is your engine overheating?
  • Is your vehicle idling rough?
  • Is there backpressure or bubbling in your car’s radiator?
  • External leaks and leaking freeze plugs?

If you notice any of these signs, you need a head gasket repair sealant! These are all classic symptoms of a damaged head gasket. Ignoring these symptoms can lead to a costly repair bill.


A blown head gasket in Mission Viejo can be a costly repair any way you look at it, but there are some ways to make sure you get the most value out of your repair. The head gasket repair first thing to do is to make sure the diagnosis is correct. Then, find a reputable auto repair shop to handle the repair, preferably one that has a lot of experience in engine rebuilds and head gasket repair. Then, with the tips following, be sure to ask a few key questions to make sure the repair is done correctly.


The diagnosis can be a little tricky depending on how bad the head gasket is. If it is beginning to fail, the signs will be moderate, and will typically be a slight overheating, or a small amount of white smoke coming from the exhaust. If the gasket is completely gone, it will be obvious due to the rough idle, or it wont run at all. If it does run, there will be a large amount of white smoke coming from the exhaust. If the head gasket blows while driving, the biggest thing to watch out for is the temperature. Higher temps can quickly damage an engine by causing warping of the heads or the block, or even cracking. The sooner the engine is stopped after realizing the head gasket is blown, the better the chances of rebuilding the top end without major consequences.


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